Combine healthy and pleasure

The story

Fit’gom begin in sport gym in Montpellier. We are 3 friends looking for a sweet to integrate in our sport diet. We chose to use to create a product with GUARANA due to its efficiency, currently it exist many Guarana products but with boring shape or taste. We have imagine  "a new way of pleasure to consume the Guarana!"

After months of research to reach our objectives, and various trials of Guarana gums, we found the perfect product with balance between pleasure and efficiency. We offer you the 1st product from a range that will continue to growth: "Fit'gom organic guarana "

The goal

Develop a dietary supplement healthy and natural.

An efficient and good product is aimed to large consumers: gluten free et vegan.

Be gourmand  and stay slim

Particular attention must be paid to "made in France"

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